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Yes, not all insects are those beautiful butterflies. But many of them I think are equally spectacular. For example, I have always loved dragonflies. They're very elegant in their flight and at least to me, they were never scary looking. And even bees never really bothered me because spending a lot of time getting close to any variety of insects you will learn they're normally not aggressive at all. When they fly away, it's often not because you're getting close, but they just need to go somewhere else.

A great example of a scary insect is the Tarantula Hawk Wasp which you see here. It is very large and beautifully colored. Now it is my understanding that it's sting is extremely painful, but they're not at all aggressive. You can get close and photograph them at will because all they want to do is get nectar.

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A Day At Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Galleries of pictures taken on single days at this wonderful location east of Phoenix near the town of Superior.