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The telescope and observing site

   The scopes   Me and 12.5

 This space intentionally left blank.

Another view of me and the 18"

 The old 12.5" scope.

 This space available!

Desert Animals (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

I am NOT a Gila Monster! Western Diamondback Scorpion -- NOT the constellation.

The Good! Desert lizard known as a Chuckwalla. Often mistaken for a Gila Monster.

The Bad! The Dreaded Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.

The Ugly! The desert scorpion.

Desert Animals (The Improbable)

Froggy in the Pool Froggy in the Pool - Night Swim I have no ideat what these frogs are doing!

A Frog!

Out for a swim at night.

Pornographic Froggy.

Natural Desert Yard

The Mighty Saguaro Prickley Pair Jumping Cholla

Saguaro Cactus.

Prickley Pear Cactus.

Jumping Cholla Cactus.

Desert Weather

Monsoon clouds Desert Sunset Desert Sunset

Monsoon clouds forming just before sunset.

Sunset with building monsoon clouds.

Another sunset with clouds already formed.

The Future Observing Site in Carefree, Arizona

New Site -- Looking South Looking East Looking East

The new site, looking south at Black Mountain.

A "Forest" of Octillos.

View looking east.


Milwaukee Astronomical Society

MAS Observatory Grounds "B" Dome, etc. 25" Dome, etc.

25" Cassegrain

Buckstaff Scope, 12" f/7.4

18" f/4.5 Obsession

From the Mentor Program:
Some of the wonderful observers who survived my instruction. They are all good friends.

Gene/Lance in Payson, AZ Lance and Gene.   13.1, 12.5, and 6 inch scopes. They say that great comets are omens. Lance Shaw knocked on my email door within days of Comet Hyakutake's appearance in the sky. Who says omens have to be bad? Lance is second to no one when it comes to public stargazing programs. Recently he has been closing his email message with the famous line by Clinton B. Ford, "Never sleep more than 90 feet from your telescope." He also informs me that he is having his second child. Coincidence? :)

Bob Gent Bob Gent at Kitt Peak.   Bob retired from the Air Force to apparently take on astronomy full-time.   He is Don't ask, don't tell!currently the Astronomical League's President and travels the country for the IDA.   His energy is inspiring. In fact, those of us in the know refer to him as the Energizer Bunny. He claims not to have the cute pink custom with ears, but as we all know the military has a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he now lives in Washington, DC.   He plans to return to Arizona within a few more years.

Mike Simonsen Mike Simonsen. Mike in Dome   Administrator of the Mike Simonsen Discussion Group. Mike thinks of me as the Steve Martin of VSOing. I think of Mike as a one person disaster area, a walking time-bomb who reeks havoc in the lives of all who come in contact with him. Case in point: this used to be a very serious website! Mike used to own his own landscape business where he ended up specializing in creating lakes no matter what the customer actually requested. We claims it was just the unusually rainy weather, but those of us who know him know better: Mike is a one person disaster area, a walking time-bomb who reeks havoc on the lives of all who come in contact with him. Because he is an international menace, the state of Michigan has taken measures to protect the public at large. He's now incarcerated in the dome structure seen here at the right.

Steve Dodder.   Sorry, no picture yet available, but he has a website. Steve lives just south of Phoenix in Maricopa yet the drive is over an hour!

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