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I've set up this snow village nearly every year since 1985 when I purchased a handful of Department 56 Snow Village pieces after Christmas.  Back in those days you could pick up pieces at half price until they achieved a lot of popularity that retailers kept them out all year long!  So over the next 10 years I added several pieces a year.  These days most of the purchases are down to one or two and usually the downtown because you can cram the pieces together so they don't take up as much "real estate."  As you can imagine, space for the village is a big problem!  Every year I set it up a little bit different.

Most of my main house and business pieces are the Original Snow Village series.  I have 10 of the old Dicken's Village pieces, but they only rarely get displayed.  Since I've never been happy with the figurine sizing of the Original Snow Village, I've opted for using the smaller Dicken's and Christmas in the City collection pieces which are much better matched.  I guess the other pieces would be okay, that is, if you don't mind having 15 foot high people!  

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