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Welcome! Despite my best efforts to keep this website a complete secret, you've made it! This site is dedicated to my various hobbies. Find out more about Gene.

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Welcome to my newly redesigned website. Note it is still a work in process so occasionally you'll see one of the old pages come up. But I will be updating them in the coming weeks and months. - Gene Hanson

The old site is no longer available.

For my work on the Milwaukee Astronomical Society website, I won the Astronomical League Webmaster Award for 2016.

I have a new website for my Wauwatosa East High School 40th reunion this year. It's a subset of this site, but has a dedicated URL:

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A Virtual Hike in the Grand Canyon
First Hike Down the Grand Canyon
A Dash Down the South Kaibab
South Kaibab to the Bright Angel
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
A First Marathon Story

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2015 Unofficial Reunion - on June 28th at Summerfest

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