Gene Hanson Website

Link's of Interest

Here I share links which may be of interest. I am associated with all these organizations..

Wauwatosa East Class of '76 Reunion

This is a website dedicated to my high school graduation class. If you notice that the layout seems to be identical to this one, it's because it is actually a subset of this website.

Madison Watercolor Society

Though I am not a watercolor artist, my wife, Debbie, is. I am their webmaster.

Milwaukee Astronomical Society

I've been a member of this club since 1977. I'm a past Observatory Director, Founder Member, and currently their webmaster. As a Found Member, I am a lifetime member.

Milwaukee Astronomical Society - Beginner's Guide

I am the author of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society Astronomy Beginner's Guide. I highly recommend it! :)

Phoenix Astronomical Society

This is my astronomy club in the Phoenix area. I am a lifetime member.

American Association of Variable Star Observers

I dedicated a lot of personal time making variable star observations.

Central Arizona Butterfly Association

This is my butterfly club in Phoenix area.